Remote Support

Since so many of our clients do have hi-speed internet, we now have a plan to assist in doing support via the internet. From our office to yours in seconds, we can help you troubleshoot simple problems and correct minor issues through a remote control program.
It is safe and secure and setup to run only when you or someone in your office needs it. This can help cut downtime and annoyances of waiting for the most simple of support tasks.
As long as you still have internet capability, this service works to help get you going and fix annoying little problems. We can also use this to help do routine maintenance on a periodic basis. We can update software, fix malware, maintain virus updates, and do a system check. Many of our clients are setup on a schedule for a 30 point inspection list that includes – evening cleaning, error log checking and checking for optimal performance of their workstations and servers alike.
Using a secure remote access program, we can save you time and money by troubleshooting and correcting minor issues via the internet. Whether it is cleaning up a slow computer or assisting you to setup some new gadget, this program is for you. A high speed internet connection is required. Call us to sign up today.


Number of PCs


Cost Annually / PC


Annual fee includes the initital setup fee and up to 1 hour of support time. Additional assistance is billed at $60.00 per hour.
Other technical services available from ARCCOMP…
Remote Backups – Transfer your important data to our remote servers for secured, safe backup and disaster recovery.
Hardware Support – IT equipment installations, configurations and networking services to improve user efficiencies.
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting – Equipment evaluations, problem detection and correction to improve uptime and utilization performance.
Upgrades – Installation of memory, hard disk drives, video cards, etc/
Data Transfer, Back-Up and Recovery– Assistance with transfers, back-up and recovery of email, Microsoft files, financial data, music and video files.
Custom Services – Can’t find services to meet your unique requirements? ARCCOMP will work directly with you to develop customized service programs. Call our technical specialists for more details or email us for a consultation at your convenience.

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