Remote Backup


There are at least 5 quality national companies that most technology users can opt to use. We know this and encourage everyone to use their best option. The reason we offer this service locally to our clients is in the event of a catastrophic disaster, we can get your data to you faster than through the internet. This we can guaranty and for the handful of times our local clients have needed this, they were up and running within hours with all their data ready to go.

Our Solution is Secure, Safe and Affordable

Up to 10 GB
Up to 50 GB
50+ GB

Cost Annually

Annual fee includes a spot daily check that the backup completed, an internal quarterly restore check and free delivery of your data either via the internet on external media of your choice in the event of a disaster.

We use safe and secured backup software via the internet that compresses and encrypts the data. Archiving plans also available. Our Servers Are Guaranteed Reliable, Redundant, and Secure. 

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