One of our specialties is troubleshooting and repairing hardware of all sorts. Whether your computers, printers, network, or peripherals are not functioning properly, we can find the problem and solve it as fast as anyone.
Experience matters and we have technicians who have experience that goes back to the 80’s and have seen about every problem there is when it comes to computers and computing. We can have a technician come to you, fix your equipment on-site, and have you back working as fast as anyone. Our full service approach to hardware support services ensures that whatever equipment our clients have in use, we can fix or maintain it. Through our ability to perform a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your hardware problem, ARCCOMP can get your keep your equipment maintained and operational. In this time of instant access via the internet, it is not always easy to determine if a problem is hardware related or from the different attacks that can happen via the internet. We can figure it out for you – quickly and correctly.
Other technical services available from ARCCOMP…

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting– Equipment evaluations, problem detection and correction to improve uptime and utilization performance.
Upgrades– Installation of memory, hard disk drives, video cards, and internal modems.
Data Transfer, Back-Up and Recovery– Assistance with transfers, back-up and recovery of email, Microsoft files, financial data, music and video files.
Custom Services– Can’t find services to meet your unique requirements? ARCCOMP will work directly with you to develop customized service programs. Call our technical specialists for more details or email us for a consultation at your convenience.

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