About Us

ARCCOMP moved its operations from Massachusetts to Phoenix, Arizona in 1990. We began servicing the needs of Phoenix with the most comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program for Personal Computers and technology that could have been found in the area at the time. With the amazing growth that this action afforded us, we have grown to become one of the premier Technology Companies in the greater Phoenix area.

Professional IT Services

We Offer Professional IT Services

such as repairs, upgrades, new computer sales, troubleshooting, needs analysis and internet consulting including Web Page design services. We also offer existing clients unlimited free phone support for their computing needs. We work on a range of problems and guarantee a solution to your problems when it comes to PC technology. Today, we are proud to say that we offer some of the best and most comprehensive on-site and remote technology service there are anywhere, period.

We supply 24 hours and 7 day a week coverage to our many satisfied clients. We work hard to achieve our goal of a satisfied client who has the technology in use that provides the best solution to increasing their production in serving their clients. In short, we are a ‘people’ company more than we are a PC company.

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